“Back-to-School Guide” for Teachers

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Guide provides tips and activities to help teachers incorporate social-emotional learning into their daily routines

Planning for the new school year can be stressful for teachers. That’s why social-emotional learning company Aperture Education has published a free “Back-to-School Guide” which offers resources, teacher hacks, activities and inspiring articles to help teachers – and their students – get a strong start to the new school year.

The free Back-to-School Guide can be downloaded at http://info.apertureed.com/btsguide2017. It provides tips created by teachers to help build students’ social and emotional skills such as personal responsibility, self-management, relationship skills and healthy decision-making.

The resources include links to videos to help students overcome adversity, games to help build SEL skills, actions teachers can take to demonstrate respect and promote student confidence, and more.

Among the resources:

  • Planning for the Year Ahead: Ideas on strategic planning throughout the year
  • Teacher Hacks: Tricks that will help you and your students succeed this school year
  • First-Week Activities: Things you can do to start building student relationships and set a foundation for SEL from day one
  • Nutrition Tips: A look at how good nutrition is not only critical to student health, it also has a deep impact on students’ abilities to learn

“By helping students build strong social-emotional skills, they get them off to a strong start for the new school year and beyond,” said Jessica Adamson, CEO of Aperture Education. “Teachers are busy and teaching social-emotional skills may not come naturally to them. That’s why we created the Back to School Playbook. It provides quick tips, articles and resources to help teachers easily incorporate social-emotional learning lessons. By helping students build these skills, teachers can create a positive, productive learning environment to build student success.”

The Back-to-School Guide is part of Aperture Education’s ongoing work to support educators, administers and out-of-school-time providers in implementing social-emotional learning programs within their schools. Its goal is to ensure members of school and out-of-school time communities, including adults, have the social and emotional skills needed to thrive.


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