ClassFlow™ Announces New Digital Content Partnerships to Promote Collaborative & Immersive Learning

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New 1.6M+ Resources and Tools Include Science Simulations and 3D Content

ClassFlow, the free, next-generation lesson delivery software, today announced new partnerships with leading digital content developers to provide teachers with expanded access to the latest innovative, immersive, and interactive educational content. By partnering with Gooru®, SketchFab, PhET® Interactive Simulations, and Desmos®, ClassFlow will offer teachers the latest technologies for lessons, including 3D models, virtual reality, and science and math simulations.

ClassFlow announces new content partnerships to promote collaborative & immersive learning.

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Designed for K12 classrooms with interactive displays, ClassFlow simplifies the way teachers and students collaborate and use today’s modern technologies such as mobile, PCs, and interactive touchboards. According to Vin Riera, CEO of Promethean, “ClassFlow’s mission is to improve education by working with teachers, schools, and students to create modern classrooms. By giving teachers access to the latest tools and resources, students will be able to interact with lessons in new ways that will motivate them to learn.”

Through its newly expanded roster of next-generation digital content partnerships, ClassFlow now provides teachers an even broader array of highly immersive interactive resources and tools for integrating STEM-based learning practices across a variety of subjects:

  • Gooru: Gooru is a non-profit organization building technology to help every student navigate learning. ClassFlow’s partnership with Gooru will give teachers an avenue to discover open content designed for future-ready learning. Through a seamless integration, teachers will have access to quality resources that guide student-centric learning experiences.
  • SketchFab: SketchFab is an online community that publishes and shares 3D content online and in virtual reality (VR). With a community of more than half of a million content contributors, SketchFab is the world’s largest platform for 3D content online, including subjects such as science, nature, cultural heritage, and more.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations: PhET Interactive Simulations is a project from the University of Colorado Boulder. By engaging students in exploration and discovery, the simulations provide an interactive experience that taps into students’ curiosity and helps all students understand key ideas. PhET Interactive Simulations has delivered more than 360 million simulations since its inception that has been translated in more than 80 different languages.
  • Desmos: Aiming to help every student love math, Desmos’ free tools allow students to easily connect, visualize, and grasp concepts more easily. Demos’ digital calculators can be used during math lessons and include basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. Additionally, more than 100 graphs are available on the ClassFlow Marketplace. Desmos' software is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard, allowing students with visual disabilities to participate fully.

“In 2014, I began implementing ClassFlow to optimize activities, such as delivering lessons and exercises, taking notes, and asking questions,” said Dr. Valerie Camille Jones, mathematics specialist and recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching at Atlanta’s The Ron Clark Academy. “Since then, ClassFlow has increased student participation in my class, and I have been able to get a better sense of how students were making sense of what was being taught.”

Trusted by educators around the world, ClassFlow has more than three million registered accounts and is used in over 125,000 schools and institution in 150 countries.

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