A cloud-based student enrollment and school choice platform for PreK-12 school systems.

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Formats: Website and app for iOS, Android

Website: https://www.schoolmint.com/

What does it help with?

What makes SchoolMint unique is that it streamlines all aspects of the student enrollment process for school administrators and parents, while improving the quality of their interactions. SchoolMint’s comprehensive, cloud-based solution includes four primary modules — Student Recruitment Management, Application and Lottery Management, Registration Management, and Year-Round Forms. The platform is currently used by 5,200+ schools across 100+ cities.

For school systems, SchoolMint helps administrators automate and optimize their enrollment processes to:

  • Save money on paper, printing, and filing costs
  • Improve data integrity and avoid duplicative data entry from manual processes
  • Access data real-time for reliable enrollment forecasting and decision-making
  • Promote revenue sustainability through marketing, branding, and promotion
  • Deliver a more consistent, transparent, and positive parent experience

The system’s integration with leading SISs additionally helps ease the burden on school staff.

For families, the SchoolMint app helps parents to:

  • Benefit from a simpler, more accessible and transparent enrollment process
  • Submit school applications and registrations - online or on a mobile device - upload documents, and check enrollment statuses from the comfort of their home or on the go
  • Access school forms in multiple languages to meet families’ diverse needs
  • Avoid missing work or other commitments to deliver paperwork in person

What grade and age range?  PreK-12 schools and school systems across the country, including district, charter, and private school organizations.

What is the pricing model?

Pricing consists of an initial implementation fee and an annual per-student cost. Exact pricing varies depending on the size of a district/school and scope of services included, but generally ranges from $2-6 per student per year.

Are there services around it?

There is phone and email access to the company’s sales and customer support team members, who can address any questions and provide dedicated and timely support throughout the implementation process. Each SchoolMint customer will also work with an experienced SchoolMint project manager to configure and customize the system to meet their individual needs. The project manager also provides training check-ins and open chats, webinars, and other supports to administrative teams and parents to ensure a successful implementation.

Families can also access live customer support and 24/7 online training resources, including a help portal and video tutorials, if they have any questions.

What makes the app unique?

When a school or district begins implementation there is virtually total customizability; and robust reporting and analytics capabilities. SchoolMint’s enrollment management system spans from initial recruitment through school choice, applications, and lotteries, student registration, year-round forms, and communications. Administrators consistently cite the usability of the system at each stage. SchoolMint enables districts to tailor the solution to meet their needs. For example, the lottery design tools allow administrators to set up different lotteries at the district, school, and grade levels in just minutes. This customizability is matched with the sophistication of SchoolMint’s analytics and reporting, which help schools to make informed, data-driven enrollment decisions.

For parents, the app, available in multiple languages, provides an unmatched mobile experience that makes the online enrollment process accessible and equitable for all families, including those without home internet access.

A description of the characteristics — how is it designed for user interface, user experience?

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly for administrators and parents alike. It was designed using four major design principles – clarity, simplicity, consistency, and compatibility across platforms – to provide all users with an accessible, streamlined experience as they navigate the enrollment process.



School Administrators:

"In addition to making our enrollment processes more efficient, SchoolMint has helped to increase staff satisfaction, improve data integrity, and provide families with a consistent experience from the time their child enters kindergarten to the time they graduate."

  • Gloria White, Data and Accountability Coordinator, Wiseburn Unified School District and Da Vinci Schools

"Parents found the process very easy and quick. Back to school registration forms were completed in an average of 20 minutes as opposed to hours of filling out paper forms." 

  • Susan Andy, Chief Business Official, Lakeside Joint School District

Parent Users:

“I think this should be great for all parents... It's great for me.. way easy to apply for schools on the go -- finally!”

  • Shayquana Elliott

“Great for school online enrollment!”

  • Shan Huang



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