Combining STEM Curriculum and 3D Printing for the K-12 Market

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Educators now have access to a powerful suite of hands-on projects and career-based knowledge solutions

Varitronics, creator of the VariQuest® suite of solutions and leading provider of visual and kinesthetic learning tools for the K-12 market, is pleased to introduce its CREATE Packages. The standards-aligned, STEM-based curriculum directly integrates with VariQuest 3D printers to bring ideas to life through hands-on learning.

Designed in partnership with STEM Fuse, a premier developer of K-12 digital curriculum, the engaging STEM:IT content is designed to fit any LMS. When used in tandem with the VariQuest Trifecta 800 3D printer, the STEM:IT curriculum provides kinesthetic enrichment to lessons in any subject. Both the printer and the curriculum will be on display at the ASCD Empower17 Conference, which begins on March 25.

The STEM:IT curriculum is unique to VariQuest. It offers educators an easy way to incorporate 3D printing into their lessons, so they aren’t just acquiring a new piece of technology for their classroom, but also a new way of engaging students in relevant, 21st-century, hands-on learning.

STEM:IT provides 80+ lessons for elementary through high school students, including skills such as coding, 3D design, and engineering. Each lesson contains a 3D printing project and anchor visual that reinforces the topic. Teacher’s Guides are included in every lesson to help teachers coach students as they explore what it means to become next-generation problem solvers. STEM:IT also aligns with applicable state and national standards, including Common Core, ISTE, Next Generation Science, 21st Century, and CTE.

The CREATE Packages, which include the Trifecta 800 3D printer and STEM:IT curriculum, were designed specifically for enhancing K-12 students’ education. The Trifecta 800 has a small footprint but a large printing capacity (it can print 3D objects as tall as a soccer ball), making it a convenient choice for classrooms. The simple software doesn’t require previous 3D-printing knowledge or experience, and the printer is one of the quietest on the market. Unlike enclosed printers, the Trifecta 800 gives students a 270º+ bird’s-eye view of their creations while they are printing.

“By bundling the curriculum [STEM:IT] with the hardware [Trifecta 800], VariQuest has provided a solution to effectively marry pedagogy with technology,” said David Grey, the CEO of Varitronics. “When students have the chance to apply their knowledge through hands-on learning activities, it shows them that what they learn in class has real-world applications, and gets them excited about taking charge of their own learning.”

VariQuest provides free resources for its customers in its online resource center. Resources include additional lesson plans, classroom activities, design templates, units of study, and professional development webinars for educators. The resource center also provides product training and tech support.