Creating Equity through Opportunity with Access


The Harrison School District is launching an eLearning School next year, and putting it together from scratch is a fascinating process. According to David Jarboe, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation at Harrison School District 2, “I'm going to talk to you about the high flex plus model that we're looking at. We are looking at providing learning coaches. These might be family members who we train, or it could be school staff that we train to fill in the gap for students when they can't be or meet with a teacher and to provide that one-on-one interaction, supervision, monitoring, and support for students in the e-learning school, we're looking at learning pods.

“So, this is a flexible event that can happen throughout the week, depending on the student's playlist and what we're recommending and what they can do. We want to partner with families, and how we provide these learning pods. Looking at the end of those individualizations is certainly key and that will be facilitated in part by the teacher, by our LMS system and by the learning coaches. Flexibility, again, breaking those barriers to the traditional time and space. One of our phrases is building equity through opportunity with access because we can provide all the opportunities we want, but if we don't also bridge and prepare and help families access those opportunities, we're not really creating the equity that we're looking for.”

Imagine everything is on the table. How would you build your dream eLearning School? Watch this illuminating discussion with David Jarboe and see what great ideas you can take back to your own school or district.


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