Destiny Analytics Gives K-12 Districts Greater Insight into Managing Their Key Resources

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Administrators can now make fact-based decisions with real-time evidence

Designed to provide customers with real-time insights into how their educational resources are being managed, Follett today announced it is offering Destiny Analytics, a district-wide subscription solution to complement its market-leading Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Resource Manager platforms.

The multi-featured reporting solution will allow administrators and educators to explore data from both platforms, including student patron records, and to discover trends and exceptions that are displayed into easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Destiny Analytics will turn data into information and allow our customers to work smarter, make educated decisions to efficiently manage their learning resources and more effectively deliver an educational experience,” said Nader Qaimari, President, Follett School Solutions.

Available to use on any device, Destiny Analytics will create interactive dashboards and reports to analyze and visualize information, which then can be easily shared with other district personnel. Highly interactive, the tool will allow users to begin a query in one area and ask subsequent questions based on new information and data uncovered.

Analytics will be integrated into the existing Destiny platform in three ways:

1) Dashboard: Immediately upon opening Destiny Analytics, relevant inactive charts and graphs are displayed that anyone can use without having any product experience.

2) Pre-configured Analyses: Ready-made analyses to dynamically provide a pre-configured selection of data and processed information or visualizations, yet still provides interactive operability.

3) Analyzer Tool: A universal tool to select data, create an interactive analysis grid to manipulate and generate data visualizations.

An explainer video brings Destiny Analytics to life — Also, a recent webinar is archived and available for viewing: To reach a sales representative to inquire about Destiny Analytics, call (877) 899-8550.

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted provider of educational resources to K-12 institutions. With proven experience in delivering educational content and technology solutions, Follett seeks to provide tools that connect educators and students in an evolving learning environment. For more information, visit


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