Dr. Dallas Dance Answers Questions on the Consumerization of Learning

An outspoken leader talks with the Learning Counsel on hot-button issues in education

LeiLani Cauthen, the CEO of the Learning Counsel, recently sat down with Dr. Dallas Dance of Baltimore County Public Schools and talked with him about his vision for the future of learning in a digital economy. They addressed some of the key matters that are top of mind with executives. Here are a few of the subjects they covered:

  • Reimagining the classroom space.
  • BCPS One—Baltimore’s single sign-on solution.
  • Customizing learning and personalization to scale.
  • The future of teaching and the need for double the number of teachers.
  • Redefining the teachers role in the classroom.
  • Competing with the consumerization of learning and “just in time” education.
  • How we ensure every child achieves mastery, not rote memorization.
  • Teacher training, professional development and collaboration with Higher Ed.
  • Viewing education today as a journey not a sprint.


Look for the long-promised book coming out from the Learning Counsel in the next several months about learning consumerization and the national educational challenge.