Evolution of District Data Management in Philadelphia

Event News


Another report from the field, this time with the Learning Counsel in fabulous Philadelphia holding our regional event, the Digital Transition Discussion on April 10, 2018. The main topics of discussion was analytics basics, and new teacher roles as schools get more sophisticated in their digital transitions.

Questions included how does one manage the District goals and how do you use data to monitor progress towards those identified goals? Another was, what are the two sides of any analysis?  Attendees discussed the two different scales of analytics maturity together.  

Learning Counsel was delighted to host a special talk about analytics on "The Evolution of Data Management” by Melanie Harris, Chief Information Officer and Fran Newberg, Ed.D., Deputy Chief, both from the School District of Philadelphia. This talk went over how the ever-louder voice of data intrudes and transforms at every level of the education enterprise.

Watch this talk now.