Florida’s Lake County Schools Partners with SchoolMint to Help Align with the State’s Open Enrollment Legislation

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Florida district leads way in streamlining expanded school choice process for families by using K-12 leading strategic enrollment management platform

SAN FRANCISCO, January 16, 2018 – To help meet the requirements of Florida’s recent open enrollment legislation, Lake County Schools in Tavares, FL partnered with SchoolMint, the leading provider of cloud-based strategic enrollment management software for PreK-12 school systems worldwide. SchoolMint’s software platform allows the district, which serves approximately 42,000 students across 51 learning sites, to meet the new state mandate that allows students to apply to any public school in the state, and streamline this expanded school choice for all of its families.


“We knew it was important to invest in a simplified, scalable solution from an experienced technology provider to help our families navigate the state’s expanded school choice process,” said Julie Summerlin, supervisor of choice, charter and community education of Lake County Schools. “SchoolMint’s flexibility in allowing us to configure lotteries and preferences as required by the state law, as well as the company’s overall expertise in the field, made them the right partner for our district.”


Since 2013, over 6,000 district and charter schools nationwide have partnered with SchoolMint to improve the enrollment experience for both parents and staff. These include schools in innovative, forward-thinking districts such as Boston Public Schools, Camden City School District, Chicago Public Schools, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Denver Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, and Spring Branch Independent School District, among others.


“As an increasing number of districts across the country are expanding choice and school options for their families, we are honored that more school systems, like Lake County, are looking to SchoolMint for our expertise in school choice,“ said Jinal Jhaveri, founder and CEO of SchoolMint. “SchoolMint offers the system and the tools to make the school choice application process transparent, equitable, and more accessible for families. And, we are encouraged by the interest we are seeing among Florida’s school districts, given the state’s unique school choice requirements.”


SchoolMint’s student enrollment solutions extend beyond the school choice and application management solutions being implemented in Lake County and can provide staff and parents with a holistic end-to-end enrollment experience. The breadth of solutions include:

●                Family Outreach and Marketing

●                School Application and Lottery Management

●                Student Registration Management

●                Digital Forms and Documents

●                School Choice and Unified Enrollment


School districts benefit from increased family engagement, improved operational efficiency, lower costs, and greater analytic and planning insights through the platform’s robust enrollment reporting tools. Furthermore, SchoolMint’s integration with leading SISs helps ease the burden on school staff and increases data accuracy.


To learn more about SchoolMint, visit www.SchoolMint.com.