Future You in Primary & Middle

LeiLani Cauthen, Author, The Consumerization of Learning

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 32 of The Consumerization of Learning.


“Don’t forget you have to meet with your Story Guide later today,” Mom says.

"You know you are going to meet with one of your all-time favorites from the online “Garden,” the Story Guide who helps you write your own Story of what you know. Your Story Guide might have been what used to be called a “teacher” combined loosely with a counselor and curriculum director. Her job is to know what you are capable of, where you are in mastering everything required of you, and what your interests are, so you can keep being challenged and keep learning. She even helps with discovering what you could be interested in learning that you didn’t even think of being interested in before, even with the help of all the advanced directories and marketing coming at you from online learning media and apps."


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