Historical Context Video & Group Discussion - April 17th San Jose, CA Discussion

Chris Kight, Video Editor, Learning Counsel

A talk offering “a little bit of context,” by LeiLani Cauthen, author of The Consumerization of Learning, and CEO of the Learning Counsel delivered to local San Jose, California school and district executives, turns into a big talk on the history of technologies and some future gazing. 

“So right now, in 2018, the bulk of the economy is here (points to graphic you can see in video). It's headed for steady growth and it will be for a long time, but education is still in the capital investment funding stage and the frenzy of trying to figure it out. Does anyone in the room feel like it's completely figured out yet?  No! It's kind of a hodgepodge. It's like a mosaic. I got some software over here and I got this over there and I got that over there and la, la, la, la... It's messy. It's extremely messy. It’s not really figured out yet. Right? So, we're not even at the crisis and recession point yet in education, but it's coming.” 

Watch this video to see what LeiLani means by the coming crisis and recession in Ed-Tech, and what comes after.   Also, find out what the audience commented and discussed.