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Formats: iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Mac and Windows devices


What does it help with? Teachers can now wirelessly present what students are doing on their devices to the “big screen” for the whole class to see. Students and teachers can share what’s on their device from anywhere in the classroom. This keeps teachers from being tied to their desk to share notes or examples from their own mobile device, and keeps students from huddling around devices to see what their peers are working on. With a simple click, multiple students can share their device screen next to one another for student-to-student collaboration. Teachers and students can be truly mobile with their mobile devices. 

With Reflector Teacher, teachers no longer have to adjust and optimize the Reflector settings for their classroom. Reflector Teacher comes already set up with our recommended classroom settings and compatibility with our companion applications.

What grade and age range? K-12

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what? Classroom technology facilitator

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to? Reflector Teacher is not mapped to any particular subject or topic. Students can share their device screens to a teacher’s computer to show what they’re working on in real time, no matter the subject.

What lesson time does it use? All a teacher has to do is open Reflector Teacher at the beginning of class, and throughout the lesson, teachers can have students mirror their device screens using the native AirPlay, Cast or Miracast technology that’s built into their devices.

What is the pricing model? $14.99 per teacher computer

Are there services around it? We have a full support team on hand to help make sure Reflector Teacher is running smoothly for teachers and to assist as issues come up.  

What makes it unique?

Reflector Teacher is unique because it’s the first time the Reflector screen-mirroring technology already in more than 100,000 classrooms around the world has been refined specifically for classroom use. Reflector Teacher was built using years of feedback from teachers, and it has features that are specific to the classroom, including compatibility with other Squirrels education apps, Reflector Director and Reflector Student.

A description of the characteristics—how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Reflector Teacher was redesigned for modern operating systems and includes interface updates that make mirroring and managing connected devices easier. Common user actions are easier to find and use.

On Windows, Reflector Teacher is located near the Start button instead of the system tray by the clock where Reflector 2 was located. Connected devices are now visible in a window that makes it easier for teachers to access.

On macOS, Reflector Teacher is in the system tray near the clock. It’s accessible to teachers at any point during a lesson.

Reflector Teacher includes preconfigured settings that are ideal for classrooms. Teachers will notice security settings that keep unwanted connections from distracting class, and they can see a preview of the device screen before showing it to the entire class.

Teacher reviews:

“Reflector is a great way to show different ways that multiple kids have solved problems. I like how Caiden solved using this strategy, now let’s listen to Lexi as she walks us through the strategy that she used. It’s easy to flip from one iPad to the next.”

- Kami Esterline/Teacher at Holly Springs Elementary, North Carolina


“Using mobile devices without being hardwired makes instruction more efficient. Reflector allows me to easily show the entire class what I’m doing and how they can use the technology.”

- Lorien Cafarella/Teacher at Lantana Middle School, Florida


“Reflector promotes a collaborative learning environment. Students can find their voice and easily share their work with peers. This is key to improving their soft skills/21st-century skills.”

- Courtney Kofeldt/Educational Technology Coordinator at PA Leadership Charter School, Pennsylvania

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