Midwest - Give Teachers and Administrators the Ability to Track Student Engagement


One of the wonderful things about our Lunch and Learn presentations is that they give the Learning Counsel the opportunity to share information about products that are making a difference to America’s learners.

In this Lunch and Learn presentation, you’ll hear from Jeremy Jackson, Senior Director of Instructional Technology at ClassLink. According to Jackson, “ClassLink is a company that makes it easy for students and teachers to be able to access all of the resources that they need through one click. That can be all their applications. It can be all their files as well. We create an online ecosystem where you can log in and access all your resources easily. And because you're accessing everything through one point, we're able to build analytics around that. So you can see where the usage is, how people are logging in, where they're logging in from and where they're spending their time once they're online. We're able to give this whole snapshot of what's going on at the class level and at the district level as well.”

In remote and hybrid learning, one of the hardest things to do is to know how and when students are engaging with learning resources. ClassLink solves that challenge and adds an incredible layer of convenience and security as well.


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