Online Learning Experiences for Technology Used in Engineering and Design

App of the Week
Formats: Website and web-based app


What does it help with?
Providing students with industry-leading curriculum.
Creating an engaging, effective learning experience.
Helping teachers stay on top of the latest capabilities in engineering and design.

What grade and age range?  Middle School, High School, College/University, Professionals.

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?
STEM Education & Professional Development

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

What lesson time does it use?
Individual lessons are short, each around 5 minutes long. With a SolidProfessor membership you have access to all lessons in each course in every topic. Teachers can quickly and easily implement our industry-leading curriculum or they can build their own from our extensive library.

What is the pricing model?
For individuals pricing ranges from $399-799, SolidProfessor for Teams is scaled to meet the organization’s needs. SolidProfessor for Schools is offered to educators and their students at a fraction of the commercial cost, similar to the cost of a textbook.

What makes it unique?
SolidProfessor is unique because of our instructional design methodology. We pride ourselves on creating the most effective and engaging learning experience so that our members can learn new skills, stay up to date on the latest capabilities, get quick answers to their questions, and measure progress.

SolidProfessor’s instructor tools and course customization platform makes it easy for teachers to manage their courses.

A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Skills Assessments, Video based lessons, Hands on exercises


Teacher reviews:

“What SolidProfessor has allowed us to do is teach much more efficiently. Anyone who has tried to stand up and teach anything in a computer lab to more than two people has experienced the frustration with that dynamic. When they have a monitor in front of them, students tend to not listen well. SolidProfessor gives us the ability to let the students, to some degree, work at their own pace. We still set milestones, but they have the ability to use those videos in a way that works with their particular learning style. They can go back and listen again, pause and keep going. So SolidProfessor has really opened up what we can do and it has also set our teachers free to focus more one on one mentoring roles instead of trying to maintain focus from a group of 20-25 students as they teach from the front.”

- Mark Connor, Engineering Teacher at Hoover High

My students love the SolidProfessor videos. I’ve never assigned students homework because instructional help is critical on so many stages of learning our 3D software. Now, I can assign them homework because they have access to SolidProfessor anywhere. In this one semester of using it, my students have been able to work way ahead of my usual curriculum timeline. It’s helped better manage and condense classroom instruction time so that we can do other engineering projects that I’ve wanted to incorporate.  

- Shannon Barnes, CADD Instructor, Indian Capital Technology Center

“It’s amazing how much time SolidProfessor saves me as a teacher, with the content and part files. Students love the content, they are very engaged. I thought it would be tough to get through all the material we had scheduled in our 16 week class, but turns out we are breezing through it because of SolidProfessor! The students are just learning faster. The Department Chair walked into my class the other day and couldn’t believe how advanced the students were so early in the semester. He asked ‘did they really design these models?!’

- Darren Willis, Industrial Technology Instructor at Bakersfield College

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