Online Professional Learning

App of the Week


12 word description of app/product: Online professional learning. Micro-learning, social learning, and coaching develop key leadership skills.

Formats: Website LMS that can be accessed from any device.


What does it help with?  Our profession learning services help educators (teachers, paraprofessionals and principals) be better school and classroom leaders by developing communication, management and strategy skills.

What grade and age range?  PK-12

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what? Professional Learning

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to? This is a product for professional learning and does not have a standard map.  Our primary subject and topic areas surround the foundational skills of leadership: communication, management and strategy. 

What lesson time does it use? N/A

What is the pricing model? We have a subscription model.  Teachers are subscribed to the platform for $29/month. Custom eLearning solutions and workshops are available at a contracted rate.

Are there services around it?

The Leaderally Learning Platform is an online learning management system that brings together multiple professional development opportunities. Platform services focus on developing professional educators to become strong leaders. Leadership is developed by targeting communication, management and strategy skills.

Services include the following: 

  • On-demand, micro eLearning courses, 10-30 minutes in length. Certificates of completion with CEUs/PDPs offered. 

  • Social learning opportunities through virtual study halls and book groups, allowing professional educators to attend moderated forums to share ideas and learn from each other.

  • One-to-one virtual coaching giving members opportunities to receive personalized support, where they can ask candid questions and solution through challenges. 

  • Reporting allows school leaders to assign content, monitor learner engagement and collaborate with Leaderally staff to design learning paths that work.

What makes _______ unique?

Professional development for educators is most often offered in a live workshop manner, taking the educator out of the classroom for extended periods of time.  It is often too time-consuming, irrelevant and not engaging. Our product puts an end to monotonous, boring, time consuming and irrelevant professional development.  The Leaderally Learning Platform provides an online space for educators to go to for professional development and job support needs.

The product engages teachers in meaningful, sustained and job-embedded professional development.  Not only do they earn required CEUs or PDPs, they learn practical skills that will impact student achievement.  School administrators love the platform because they are able to easily track and monitor that required training and the professional development hours their faculty needs.  They also have insight into educator interests and skill development allowing them to better plan and prioritize.

A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience?

Users on our platform are asked an initial set of questions to determine their skill development needs and interests along with their schedule and availability.  A custom learning path is then created and learners are given prompts to access the online platform based on these requests.  User feedback is requested and incorporated often, course effectiveness is taken into account for course development.

What instructional design principles are at work here?  Our eLearning programs are designed to be informative, interactive and reflective.  We use knowledge based modules alongside scenario based interactions. 


Teacher reviews:

Thanks for helping me become a visionary instead of a reactionary! -Jeanne M, director — The Presbyterian Church Nursery School


I like how you have a boutique approach to professional development and can customize what we need to work on with our team. You get more bang for the buck than hiring a full time PD coordinator. - Gregory C. Superintendent, Antelope Valley Schools.

I really liked the level of engagement of the courses.  Also, the examples of letters for parent communication were great and such good reminders of how I could be communicating better. - Jenn. O, Classroom Teacher, The Presbyterian Church Nursery School