Ormi is an all-device, all-OS classroom teaching platform designed for BYOD and 1:1 learning environments.

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Formats: Downloads to any device

Website: ormi.exou.com

Ormi offers full instructional capabilities in online, offline, or bridged (intermittent or varying connection speed) classrooms. It delivers the same user interface on all displays, computers, and student devices. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome systems.

What does it help with?

Ormi integrates teaching tools, assessment capability, and third-party teaching resources.  Its customizable platform weaves together and speeds access to existing classroom resources. Teachers can use Ormi’s tools to create, share, and store their own instructional materials, or they can download instructional materials and applications free from Ormi’s Teacher Cloud. Ormi reduces distractions and interruptions caused by technology, and gives teachers complete control over every device in the classroom.

What grade and age range?

All ages/grades  

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular/professional development or what?

Ormi is primarily designed for K-12 classroom teaching.

It can be used for core, supplemental, special needs, and extracurricular instruction. Ormi is also used in higher education. A higher ed version of Ormi’s platform will be coming out in the spring of 2016.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

Ormi integrates with existing school and district learning systems.

What lesson time does it use?  

Ormi can be used throughout lesson delivery, and its usage varies by teacher.

What is the pricing model?

Most classrooms using Ormi receive the software bundled with their interactive displays or classroom devices. Stand-alone pricing is $229 per license, which covers a teacher plus 30 students. Volume discounts start at three licenses.

Are there services around it?

For a small fee, schools and districts can build Ormi to suit their existing instructional environment, integrate existing resources such as an LMS or SIS, preload teaching materials aligned to standards, and even brand the platform with their own logo and colors.

What makes it unique?

With Ormi, teachers using third-party resources such as Google Classroom or Microsoft Education can manage, lock, and share student screens without ever having to change software. Regardless of teaching resource, most instructional tasks require only a few taps on a teacher’s tablet or display. This ease of use leads to many fewer interruptions for teachers in BYOD and 1:1 settings.

The total BYOD classroom solution gives teachers the ability to:

  1. manage by locking screens and following individuals; share with individuals, groups, the whole class, or a class display;
  2. teach using Lessons, Quiz, Notes, Browser, and Annotation; and
  3. communicate through messaging and commenting.

A teacher’s review:

“Ormi’s tools are very basic, but the ability to easily move what is on the screen to every device without an internet connection was a big deal for us. We spent most of the [setup] day learning how to stack resources and use Google education more seamlessly within a class. After spending years with overwhelming lesson planning software, this is a big relief.”

—Faith D

6-8th Grade Science

Gerard Preparatory