Panel in Portland Discusses Digital Transformation and the Culture of Constant Change

Event News
Doug Cauthen, Editor-in-Chief

The Learning Counsel held its regional event in Portalnd, OR on Sept. 20, 2018. It was a full day packed with a Market Briefing, dicussions on Digital Transition with a focus on Data and Analytics, presentations by educators and vendors, our Data Literacy game and a panel at the end of the day. The panel was led by our very own Mr. Kafitz who posed many questions so all could get a better insight to what was happening in the area. There was a lot of shared knowledge and wisdom passed along by some of the leading educators in the Oregon area. One of the topics of discussion was how were the panelists addressing the transformation in education into a culture of constant change. With many other topics being discussed, it was a very enlightening Q&A.

Watch the video below!