A parent-teacher communication and scheduling app helping teachers turn parents into partners.

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Formats: Website and app for iOS and Android devices.

Website: http://classtag.com

ClassTag contains a suite of delightfully simple tools empowers teachers and school leaders to build personal connections, encourage parental involvement and get visibility into which students are engaging and who needs additional support.

With ClassTag, teachers and parents can stay connected on the go, messaging and sharing announcements using a website or a mobile app. Importantly, ClassTag helps educators regain some of the valuable teaching time that’s so often lost to daunting, administrative tasks. The app automates tasks such as requesting volunteers, scheduling conferences and even sending a weekly newsletter. All parents will receive an overview of upcoming activities every week, even if they haven’t registered or downloaded the app.

It includes unique functionality that also helps teachers get to know parents and build a strong partnership for the benefit of the child. With a “parent interests” quiz, schools can match volunteering opportunities to parents’ skills and preferences and help them get involved on their terms.

Value to School Leaders?

School leaders gain unique insights into parent engagement with ClassTag’s statistics; tracking everything from conferences signups and volunteering activity to frequency of communications. School leaders are in control and armed with actionable analytics to assess effectiveness of parent engagement efforts and progress towards goals.

What’s ClassTag’s grade and age range?  Preschool, K-12 

Research that supports ClassTab?

ClassTag is a research-based tool, incorporating insights and recommendations from publications such as “Partners in Education: A Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family–School Partnerships” as well as primary research such as examining 100 classrooms with strong parental involvement.

What lesson time does it use/save?

ClassTag helps teachers to cut down on preparation and administration time, so that they can focus on teaching.

What is the pricing model?  FREE for parents and teachers.

A description of the characteristics: how is it designed for user interface, user experience?

  • Teacher can perform all actions from a simple, intuitive dashboard.
  • Different types of updates designed for completing various scheduling tasks: Announcements, Events, To Do Item, Volunteer Requests, Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Once parents’ emails have been added to the app, they are instantly included in communication and receive all messages via email, even if they haven’t signed up or downloaded the app yet.
  • Parents receive an automated Weekly Summary of upcoming events and activities. A teacher has an option to add a personal message.

Teacher reviews:

“In the past, we used the standard notes home to the parents, but parents didn't always check their child's folder. We also used a Facebook page. However, our school has 3 different sites, with each site doing different events on different days. Parents with children in more than one location often got confused with the different dates and events. I wanted to keep parents informed of the events going on specifically in our building. To perhaps go green with our notices. I'm very excited to use this app and interact with the parents. I think this is a great way that they can be a part of the events happening at school with their child.”

- Erin, Kindergarten teacher

“Before using ClassTag, aside from email, we had to send letters home or call parents. The waiting for the exchange process was always a concern. My goal was to open the communication gates between parent/teacher. My favorite feature is the ability to send an instantaneous message if need be. I feel my parents are so informed. The "announcement" tab is awesome!”

- Leslie, 5th and 6th grade teacher

“Parents are well informed about class activities, and that's the best thing about ClassTag. I feel like part of a great team with the teachers and parents. It's a very helpful tool, and it's fun to use.”

- Beth, 4th grade teacher

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