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Watch the April 17th, 2018 panel discussion with Craig Blackburn, Director of Technology Programs Technology & Instructional Support, Santa Clara Office of Education and Dr. Benjamin Picard, Superintendent of Schools, Sunnyvale School District, California.  Dr. David Kafitz was the Learning Counsel Moderator.

Both Blackburn and Superintendent Picard answered hard questions about managing change in schools, and fielded questions directly from the audience.  Their views give a snapshot of what’s happening in the Silicon Valley. 

Among many other comments, Blackburn mentioned that the County is helping lead how teachers and administrators go about understanding the change process.  He also said the County is helping create personalized professional learning, just like the video shown at the event introducing, a system with ISTE-aligned standards personalized PD.  Blackburn pointed out that their real goal is to help teachers see how they can personalize learning for their own classrooms.

Superintendent Picard made the interesting comment that in his District, to help with all the change, they’ve been putting in place resiliency coaching for their teachers. He also mentioned he had learned from the day’s workshop about the importance of allowing teachers to have more time to better plan the day and possibilities around redesigning staff structure.

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