Speck Launches Protective Chromebook and iPad Cases for Education Market

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Austin, Texas, February 5, 2018 -- Today at TCEA, Speck launched two protective solutions for schools and educational institutions, Presidio SHOW for Chromebooks and Balance FOLIO CLEAR for iPad. Since 2012, Speck has been the leading brand for laptop and tablet protection and is expanding its product line to meet the needs of education professionals looking to protect their school’s technology investments.



Chromebooks are a vital education tool found in classrooms across the country. In the hands of students, they are prone to drops and damage, which creates the need to costly repairs and replacements. Presidio SHOW for Chromebook protects these valuable educational resources so schools can provide them to students year after year.



Presidio SHOW for Chromebook is a durable, 4-foot drop protective case with a dual-layer perimeter that protects the device against damage upon impact. The case has a raised edge that makes it easy for students to hold, preventing drops before they happen.



The case features two layers of protection; a clear polycarbonate shell and a layer of shock-absorbing IMPACTIUM™ rubber around the inside perimeter.

Speck’s proprietary, IMPACTIUM™ material is an innovative, dynamic rubber that absorbs and disperses shock from impact. IMPACTIUM™ rubber inside the case won’t detach, deteriorate, or stretch, which means the case will last year after year. Presidio SHOW for Chromebook is also completely clear on the front and back to allow for asset tagging and designed to fit on standard charging carts used in schools.



For classrooms that use iPads for learning, Speck has created Balance FOLIO CLEAR. This drop-protective iPad case wraps the device in a completely clear protective shell that allows for easy asset tagging. The case provides 360-degree device protection with a secure clasp to keep the screen protected when not in use. Balance FOLIO CLEAR has multiple adjustable angles for typing, reading and watching.



Presidio SHOW for Chromebook will be available in March 2018 for HP Chromebook G5 11 EE. Additional Chromebook devices will be supported in April and May.  Balance FOLIO CLEAR will be available for 9.7-inch iPad (2017),

10.5 inch iPad Pro and 12.9 inch iPad in May 2018. To learn more about these products, visit http://www.speckproducts.com/b2b.html.



Visit Speck’s booth at TCEA #2463 for a demo of Presidio SHOW for Chromebook and Balance FOLIO CLEAR.



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