Student Performance Results on Smarter Balanced Assessments, Now Able to be Forecasted

Achieve3000, the Leader in Differentiated Instruction, can now forecast student performance on the Smarter Balanced ELA assessments, expanding on the number of state tests for which educators can forecast results.

Achieve3000® has launched a new proprietary forecasting tool that allows educators to predict their students’ performance on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium’s ELA assessments (SBAC). Achieve3000’s forecasting reports, designed to help educators predict and enhance student performance on high-stakes state reading tests, were already available for seven states. The new SBAC forecasting report expands this capacity to educators in an additional 14 states and the US Virgin Islands.

Achieve3000 is the leading literacy platform in blended learning programs today, providing cloud-based, differentiated learning solutions for school-aged youth as well as adult learners that deliver daily instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that’s precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile reading level. Forecasting reports for the SBAC and other high-stakes state assessments are part of the Achieve3000 platform’s robust reporting package, which also empowers teachers and administrators to monitor their students’ progress on key literacy skills and mastery of state standards as well as forecast their Lexile reading growth.

Achieve3000’s new SBAC forecasting report, measures students’ Lexile reading levels via ongoing and embedded formative assessments and then uses that data to forecast their performance on the Smarter Balanced tests. Achieve3000 is the first platform to offer SBAC forecasting based on Lexile measures. 

“Achieve3000 is at the forefront of innovation in education. We were the first to offer reports that could forecast student performance on state assessments, and we are proud to be the first to provide this new forecast report, as well," said Saki Dodelson, Founder and CEO of Achieve3000. “We’re committed to staying ahead of the times and developing technology that helps educators intervene in time and ensure all students can build the strong literacy skills required for success in college and career. We’re excited to launch these forecasting reports now, so educators can take full advantage of them to help their students prepare for this spring’s Smarter Balanced tests. "

Previously, educators were not able to forecast how a student would perform on the Smarter Balanced ELA assessments. By giving an early view of student performance and identifying students who are not on a trajectory for SBAC success, Achieve3000’s new forecasting report ensures educators can intervene immediately and provide the more intensive instruction those students need to strengthen their reading and writing skills – which translates to better SBAC scores. Because the report is based on real-time data and updated every time a student’s Lexile level changes, educators can continually monitor the impact of their instruction and adjust as needed throughout the school year.

To further help educators prepare their students for high-stakes state assessments, Achieve3000 also created new English Language Arts Test Challenge courses for all 50 states plus Washington, DC. Each Challenge course is customized by state and grade level, giving all students targeted practice for their specific high-stakes state test. For states with technology-enhanced items on their assessments, Challenge courses integrate drag-and-drop, sequencing, click-to-highlight evidence tasks, multi-part items (also known as Part A/Part B items), and multi-select multiple-choice questions. Challenge courses also have students read multiple sources of informational text, apply close-reading and critical-thinking strategies to complex texts, and write and revise evidence-based responses to those texts.

Both the forecasting reports and Challenge courses are only available as part of Achieve3000’s patented literacy solutions: KidBiz3000 for grades 2-5, TeenBiz3000 for grades 6-8 and Empower3000 for grades 9-12. These comprehensive solutions use the world’s only patented method of online differentiated instruction to automatically deliver the same grade-appropriate lessons to the entire class, while simultaneously tailoring them according to each student’s individual reading level. Lessons are customized for a state’s grade-level standards for English language arts, social studies and science so that students can build reading and writing skills and content-area knowledge and vocabulary simultaneously.

Dodelson concluded, “We are very excited to have expanded the range of the tests for which we can help educators prepare. We are able to pinpoint where students are headed and then provide highly tailored content and activities to help those students progress. Our goal is to continue providing students with the highly customized support and instruction they need to reach their full potential.”

To learn more about Achieve3000’s new forecast reports, ELA Challenge courses or patented literacy solutions, please visit

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