A Talk on the Maturity Scale of School Analytics



Most schools are headed into dealing more with software analytics than ever before.  With courseware, websites and Learning Management Systems all delivering different dashboards, it’s important to understand data literacy and where a school is at on two different “maturity scales” of school analytics.  Leilani Cauthen, CEO of Learning Counsel, was in San Jose in April 2018 briefing Educators from the area on what is happening across the United States in Education with a workshop on analytics.

 “When expert with analytics on an individual teacher level, it means you’re looking at your own analytics data (and asking) ‘How is everyone doing?’ and you’re running your class that way. As a teacher you’re leading a data-run enterprise, you’re not just running children, so that you make sure everyone achieves,” Cauthen said in this video briefing.

Watch the video briefing now!