Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance Strengthens Online Learning through Leadership, Advocacy, and Quality

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The Virtual High School collaboratives with online industry leaders to share knowledge, brainstorm best practices, and establish quality standards for online education

Combining more than 150 years of online and blended learning operational experience, the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) is an association of some of the most innovative virtual programs in the U.S. The Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) is pleased to be a part of this unique collaboration.  

Consisting largely of leading state virtual schools, and several outstanding consortia, the member organizations serve well over a quarter of a million online course enrollments annually. VLAA members provide their districts and students with over 2,200 active, highly-qualified teachers trained in online instruction, supply blended learning services to their constituents, and conduct online learning research.

“Virtual learning has experienced significant growth and has become increasing complex over the last twenty years. The collective knowledge and expertise of the VLLA is invaluable to all members of the organization,” said Amy Michalowski, Dean of VHS. “The Virtual High School is excited to leverage our extensive online learning experience in support of positive educational and teaching outcomes for students across member organizations.”

A 501c3 educational nonprofit organization, VLLA is a focal point for sharing resources, services, and expertise among virtual learning providers. The Alliance also partners with researchers and educational organizations to gather and provide data across more than a dozen states represented by the VLLA.

Members can leverage VLLA in many ways, including program budgeting assistance; professional development for member executives and staff; content and technology sharing; short- and long-term strategic planning; and help with student career and college readiness. The group recently launched its website, which features a new weekly blog post each week on topics like successful online credit recovery, artificial intelligence, and effective student engagement.  

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