What $Millions You Missed at the Gathering

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Huge Grant Announced for Student Computing Device Equity by T-Mobile to District Attendees
Learning Counsel Staff

At the Learning Counsel’s National Gathering on the Walt Disney World Campus in Orlando, FL in late November, Mr. David Bezzant of T-Mobile announced a massive level of financial support for schools and districts from the carrier and pointed out that schools in the room would be the first to be considered. 

“If you have a Title 1 eligible school or if your school serves a population that has more than 40 percent who are considered underprivileged, feel free to contact me. I want to talk to you because I want to look at your situation and donate towards hardware,” stated Bezzant.  “T-Mobile is going to do an official kick-off with that in a very big way on January 17th, 2017 but the decision has been made.  We are very serious about contributing to the success that needs to happen in education and thereby in our world.”

He asked all attendees at the Gathering who might qualify to speak to him to ensure they’re situation would be the first to be considered.

“Please hit me up about this,” he stated. “I’d like to have it go to my friends in the room to make sure that this support is going to the right places where I know it will go towards helping the most underserved kids.”

Most of the attending executives from K-12 Schools and Districts nationwide were emailing and texting Bezzant before he even got off the stage. 

Register today for the 2017 Gathering in the San Francisco/Bay Area Nov. 26-27th where T-Mobile will again be a major contributor and thought leader for education attendees.