Winter 2017 Learning Counsel Market Briefing

Digital Curriculum Transition is in the Eye of the Storm
Learning Counsel Staff

As a market, we are in the proverbial, “eye of the storm,” of getting truly sophisticated in the adoption and use of digital curriculum. There are all types of confusion as to how to choose digital resources or how to build them for free and how to transform instruction in the classroom.

Here, Leilani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher at the Learning Counsel presents the latest Learning Counsel market findings and statistics regarding digital curriculum strategy shifts. Data presented is compiled and summarized from our survey of 708 education executive respondents from across the U.S. K-12 market.

The annual Learning Counsel digital curriculum strategy survey was developed as a tool to evaluate national trends in how digital transitions are happening, particularly from the view of software sophistication and its impact on device and network infrastructure. “Beyond providing all of education with that national view, it is an invaluable tool for every school and district to use to self-assess,” Cauthen said. “Furthermore, the data also helps the vendor community plan their strategies to support educators in this time of massive changes as districts go digital and networks expand to support the shift.”

The complete survey findings are available from the Learning Counsel. For more information, visit our survey page.