Become an EduJedi

Become an EduJedi

The Learning Counsel’s group, the EduJedi, get free services like subscriptions to our Special Reports, a light saber and more!

Any educator, school or district can join. You’ll be part of an existing community of over 1,000 Schools and Districts that annually attend Digital Discussions meetings, and 215,000 U.S. educators who follow Special Reports for professional growth from the Learning Counsel

Free Membership Level Includes

✔ Your own Light Saber!
✔ Regional Event Attendance
✔ Special Report Library
✔ Any Learning Group participation
✔ Discounted 2020 national Gathering registration

✔ EduJedi Ideas Follower (Inspirational excerpts from reports, research, articles, whitepapers
for daily inspiration in the EduJedi Leadership Group newsfeed found in

Annual Paid Teacher Membership Level Includes ($30)

✔All Free Level Benefits plus:
✔Access to Digital Learning Experience Standards for Teachers & Learners (Coming in 2020)
✔EduJedi Skill: Tactics – Tech Category Understanding & Definitions
✔EduJedi Skill: Apptastic – Unburdening Teachers, Simple Workflow Personalized Learning
✔EduJedi Ideas Member

Annual Paid Group Membership Levels Include

✔ All Free Level Benefits plus:
✔ Designed for Digital Pre-Test and Grade
✔ National Survey Trends Data + Full Survey Report
✔ EduJedi Skills Training, including Merit Badges for Member-level work, Gainer, Innovator, Achieve, Knight, Master and Grandmaster.
✔ All EduJedi Professional Development Games
✔ All EduJedi Skills
✔ 2020 national Gathering registration complimentary for up to 4 people
✔ EduJedi Ideas Feed Member
✔ One Institution Evaluation Report

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