Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers, Thought Leaders, Sharers

2017 Gathering
Lake Las Vegas, NV
November 1- November 3, 2017

Learning Analytics:
Maturing our Digital View

Every year, Learning Counsel gathers together education leaders and industry to discuss national research and have a moment of enlightened context in the shift to digital curriculum. The Gathering is the only event nationally to focus on what’s going on in education’s software landscape, the implications to networks, operations, and teaching. Nothing between the classroom and the central office is being left untouched.

The event is known for exceptional and unconventional presentations by leaders at every station in Education. All come to share and learn.

This year’s theme is “Analytics” as the next natural stage for the market to go through. The event will prep the conversation to evolve over the next year.

Any topic related to the shift to digital is welcome! We have offered some super-needed topics below if you feel up to leading the country on any of them.

1. 20-to-40 minute presentation start to finish, including time for Q&A with audience members at the end.
2. The presentation will need to be able to be shared with attendees of the conference.
3. Please submit by Friday, August 18, 2017 to

• Name, Title, School/District, full address, phone and email
• Topic Proposed
• Sub-title if needed (one sentence description)
• Speaker Photo in high resolution jpg or png file
• Speaker short-Bio (50-word)
• 100-200 word description of intent of presentation
• Slide presentation if available

4. Speakers will be notified of their selection to speak by Friday, September 1, 2017.

Key Topics of Interest:

• Software Architecture – Building your School’s Digital “House”
• Getting Leaders to a Systems Orientation of Management
• Humanity to Balance Computer Takeover
• Curriculum Frameworks for Digital
• Curriculum Mapping for Digital
• Onboarding Teachers to Major Systems
• Academic Dashboards that Matter
• Inventory Mix of Digital Resources
• Digital Courseware Management
• Digital Courseware Selection
• Mixing OER with Purchased Materials
• Remodeling the School for Digital
• Remote Learners
• Using Robots for Off-Campus Student Skype-In
• Software Sizing and Procurement based on Scale
• Rural Digital Prioritization
• Suburban Digital Prioritization
• Urban Digital Prioritization
• Restructuring Staff for Mature Digital Delivery
• Digital School Brand
• Reconciling Frameworks with Digital UI/UX Disciplines
• Reining in the Wild West of Digital Content
• Keeping an Eye on New Potential Digital Assets
• Teacher Lesson Building
• Virtual Reality – Hype or Great Promise
• A.I. Really? or Intelligent Learning Engine
• Organic Digital versus Master-Planned: Pros/Cons

Just wanna share? How about joining one of the Committees and do a short share session as part of the working group.
To be a part of any committee, Join in Knowstory.