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Brethren EduJedi

EduJedi are members of an elite Leadership Society out of an existing community of over 500 Districts that annually attend Digital Discussions meetings, along with 215,000 U.S. educators who follow Special Reports for professional growth from the Learning Counsel.

Society Duties & Honors

Becoming a Member provides special honors and requires
some useful duties for schools and districts:

  • EduJedi Pact Signing Ceremony officiated by a field representative.
  • EduJedi Society Member Seal of Learning Leadership as an honor and new status.
  • Continued attendance at local Digital Transition Discussions, contribution in at least one Learning Group online and on quarterly conference calls, participation in an annual Survey, and representative attendance at the annual national Gathering. Learning Groups hold quarterly discussions for executives in digitally-immersed schools on important leadership brand issues like User Experience, User Interface, Security & Operations, Learning Gaming, Data Management & Analytics, and the Redesign of Schools.
  • Utilization of EduJedi Leadership Development and Activities as our duty to attain Knight, Master, or Grandmaster status within our organization; either with
    free modules from a recognized Association, District Service Organization or Local Education Authority; or from the Learning Counsel in paid training if desired.


EduJedi Founding Supporter

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“Attending a Learning Counsel event is a good opportunity to create or stretch a vision, is a good opportunity to develop strategies to implement a 1:1 initiative, is a good opportunity to learn about resources and is a good opportunity to network with vendors. It becomes a great opportunity when school districts come in teams because in addition to the information presented, your team spends the day collaborating and idea sharing which truly develops a shared responsibility of creating a digitally enhanced educational environment that improves instruction and learning.”

– Eric Godfrey
Superintendent, Buckeye Union High School District, Phoenix, AZ

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“I know I’m slow to express my gratitude for the opportunity to experience your event in Albuquerque. I must tell you that not a day goes by I don’t find myself sharing stories, facts and other bits of information that I learned at the Gathering. You know your work is important when I find myself sharing with others and wishing they could have heard what I heard. The exciting thing is knowing there will be more opportunities for many more to benefit from your events in the future. Thank you for your generosity and your hard work as you continue to organize these gatherings and share all the knowledge and experiences gleaned from so many people. Warmest Regards!”

– Max Clark,
Assistant Superintendent ,Curriculum & Finance,
Clerk of Board of Education, Kingman-Norwich, USD 331, Kansas

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Prior Signings

Houston, TX

Pictured in photo L-R: Steve Wentz, Chief Technology Officer of Pasadena ISD; Tom Yarbrough of Huawei; LeiLani Cauthen, CEO of Learning Counsel; Dr. David Kafitz of Learning Counsel; Dr. Juliet Stipeche, the Director of Education for the City of Houston representing for the Mayor; Andrew Houlihan, the Chief Academic Officer of Houston ISD and Lenny Schad the Chief Technology Information Officer of Houston ISD.

San Antonio,

Pictured with the mayoral proclamation, L-R: Tom Yarbrough of Huawei; Dr. David Kafitz of Learning Counsel; Cindy Gregory, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, Northeast ISD; LeiLani Cauthen, CEO of Learning Counsel; Miguel Guhlin, Director of Professional Development, TCEA; Dr. Karla Burkholder, Director of Instructional Technology, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Cindy Housler, Online Learning Coordinator, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Steven Magadance, Assistant Principal, Johnson High School, North East ISD; Jessica Worley, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Harlandale ISD; Jason Essig, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Harlandale ISD; Sarah Dunn, Instructional Technology acilitator, Harlandale ISD; Candee Mills, Assistant Director, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Lana Pratt, Instructional Tech Coordinator, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Nyssa Arcos, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Southside ISD; Donelle Harris, Media Specialist, Lytle ISD; Cliff Herring, Director of Technology, Southside ISD.

EduLeadership Society

D'Hanis, TX

Scott Higgins, Superintendent & Lana Rollans, Dir. of Instructional Media and Technology, D'Hanis Independent School District

“D’Hanis ISD is committed to empowering leaders and teachers to improve their technology skills and knowledge. Becoming an EduJedi will provide a force of strength and support that will motivate our teachers and students to integrate the latest technology as part of our daily instruction while preparing our students for the future.” – Scott Higgins, Superintendent

Charlotte, NC

Mrs. Cheryl Riley , Principal Victory Christian Center School

Manning, SC

Ms. Tonia Smith, Director of Special Projects & Grants Administrator , Clarendon School District Two

Charlotte, NC

Ms Sadania Miller, IT Support Analyst, Sugar Creek Charter School

“I want to become a part of EduJedi because I am a committed leader and I'm striving for more teachers and students to create an environment with the use of technology in more effective ways.“ - Ms Sadania Miller, IT Support Analyst

Lakeside, AZ

Mr. Clay Stidham, Director of Education/Federal Programs, Blue Ridge USD

Redondo Beach, CA

Ms. Georgina Kester, Teacher of Technology, Riviera Hall Lutheran School

San Ramon. CA

Mr. Mark Corti, Administrative Coach, Alameda Office of Education

Warroad, MN

Mr. Peter Haapala, Superintendent, Warroad Public Schools

Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Joe Billings, District Data Coordinator, Minnesota Internship Center Charter Schools and Services

Fridley, MN

Ms. Connie McTavish, Teacher, Minnesota Virtual High School

Forest Lake, MN

Mr. Chris Reynolds, Nontraditional Educaation Programs Specialist, Minnesota DOE

North Mankato, MN

Mr. David Paschke, Managing Director, South Central Service Coop/Socrates Online

Logan, UT

David Long, Director Educational and Technical Services,Logan City School District

Salt Lake , UT

Bonnie Bourgeous, Chemistry/ AP-IB Biology Teacher, Highland High School Salt Lake District, Utah