Hybrid Logistics Project


The Hybrid Logistics Project is a demonstration infrastructure being created by the Learning Counsel, Knowstory and the EduJedi Leadership Society. Underwriter(s) and co-creators of school readiness for Hybrid Logistics:
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Several years’ worth of Learning Counsel Special Re-
ports led to the development of the thesis for Hybrid


It’s a project to get a functioning demonstration Hybrid Logistics Interchange
site up and useful for schools and students. Underwriters are helping with
school readiness.

A Hybrid Logistics Interchange (HLI) is a software ecosystem to automate
pacing guides, lessons, schedules, school space use, and the intersection of
teachers and students in a new way.

Lessons from any existing teacher or school system incorporated into the
HLI now have specific points that aren’t independent study marked for live
teaching. These points flag individual students or auto-cohort groups of
students upon reaching that point. Then the ecosystem auto-calendars a live
meeting where teachers gather just those students into a live interaction
(like a class.) This can be done via web-conference line and and/or auto-re-
served classroom space if teacher and students were not already together.
Teachers use their time succinctly for these planned transactional moments
and the rest of their time catching-up students in trailing cohorts and doing
customizations. This is a new emerging disruptive technology to precisely
use human teachers for their skills with students.

The infrastructure envisioned could be used for gains by traditional
grade-and-class schools as well as go all the way to transforming the normal
grade-and-class structure to full pathways that can be paced individually –
while still intersecting with live teaching whether by choice on-campus or
via live conference online. Because it’s a dynamic intersection triggered by
a teacher preset for numbers of students reaching that point and based on
student pace, this blending has also been called the “Uberization”
of learning.


Traditional school attrition to alternatives and heightened complexity in the shift to digital. Non-automated master schedules, including pacing guides for academic standards which are almost universally still documents and spreadsheets, disassociated from lesson planning and schedules.
Lack of authentic personalized pathways. Most individualization is based on pace and still within the context of maintaining whole groups, such that the old bureaucratic
grade-and-class manufacturing model still feeds systemic inequities.

A lack of workflow system leadership during a massive increase in digital traffic has caused 74% of teachers to feel “overwhelmed or burnt out.” Note that most schools and
districts have thousands of Apps, multiple systems, and even when they have Single Sign-on systems and massive digital libraries, the management of digital workflow hubs on the teacher nearly 100%. Despite adhering to the importance of human teachers, social dynamics in the traditional construct of schooling fail many students.


Hybrid logistics changes systemic inequities by a restructure of space and time use towards personalized pace for every student. Workloads for teachers now focus most of their time on direct instruction and those more poignant but less frequent class intersections. A side effect is new careers open in education that haven’t been there before. Hybrid Logistics is the first use of algorithms to make space and time use “uberized.”


The digital interchange will provide a fast or slow transforming of current school delivery models and mixes of models.





We need YOU. Every one of thousands of interactions with educators and administrators has led to tweaks of the vision. Making school use of time and space far more efficient is a huge technological undertaking, and urgently needed.

The biggest epiphany for leaders hearing about the Hybrid Logistics Project is realizing they didn’t see the problem before of how inflexible time and space are in most learning — and they wanted to see a demonstration and get briefed on the project. If you see the issues the way they did, schedule the briefing today.