CO - Everything Changed: “Using Space & Time Today and Hybrid Logistics Best Practices”


According to LeiLani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher at Learning Counsel News Media & Research, “The real future in terms of transition is the intersection with teachers at precision points. So, it doesn't necessarily mean competency for everything, although that would be great. It was so nice to hear from Westminster public schools this morning. They're really fully competency-based, but not every school or district is going to do that. So, if you think in terms of pace based, you’ve got all your materials laid out in a brick path. Now you're paced through them. Maybe that's a log-in over here to this system or that courseware, now go into the Learning Management System like DTS or now go over here and go over there. But the attention is directed digitally rather than all the attention being directed only by the teacher, which is an enormous addition in traffic, on the human teachers.

“And it's not using them very well. It doesn't use them for their real skill, which is their human interaction, inspiration of the students and their ability to unravel misconceptions or non- understandings by the students.”

In the future of education, everything will be changed. The way we think of time and space will be altered, and teachers will be an important resource, but used just in time as needed. They key to teachers is their humanity, and their unique abilities. With technology as the conduit, helping to deliver resources as needed, the future of education will be an orchestration of time and space, with students as conductor, and teachers providing the harmony to ensure a wonderful production.


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