Co Lunch & Learn: Achieve3000


One of the wonderful things about our Lunch and Learn presentations is that they give the Learning Counsel the opportunity to share information about products that are making a difference to America’s learners. In this Lunch and Learn, You’ll hear from Steve Goodfriend, the Regional Director for Colorado and New Mexico from Achieve3000. According to Goodfriend, “Our vision is to lead the transformation of literacy worldwide.

“Smarty Ants is our foundational literacy product for pre-K through second grade. It's gamified, it's adaptive learning. It's fun. It's motivating for kids who are in that foundational literacy area. Our literacy acceleration product is our Achieve3000 Literacy. The content is delivered individually personalized at 12 different Lexile levels to every student based on their need in English and/or in Spanish. And because it is our adaptive learning model and because of the way it works, we actually guarantee that students will double their literacy gains in any given year.

“Our curriculum platform is Actively Learn. The great thing about this is it works fabulously in our current learning environment. So, whether you're remote, whether you're blended, whether you're doing synchronous, asynchronous instruction, or live streaming, it all works. Teachers can upload their own content and they can collaborate with each other. And everything is aligned to standards. And then last but not least is Achieve300 Math, our newest application. It's like a math tutor or a coach sitting next to the student and guiding through them through as they practice their math skills.”

Be sure to watch this video and explore the products available from Achieve3000.


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