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According to LeiLani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher at Learning Counsel News Media & Research, “In our national survey, 27,000 respondents said that motivation is their number one issue. How do you motivate kids in this environment? How do you get them to be really excited about their learning when we're living in sort of a pandemic time? I know we're coming out of it right now, but we still have many kids remote and sometimes motivations are really big deal. That's where we're losing achievement. 51 percent of students have lost achievement during the pandemic year.”

Learn about the eight forces that are critical for teachers to understand and see how these eight forces apply to remote learning. Hybrid and remote learning, in one form or another, will be with us moving forward. Even next Fall, when things go back to “normal,” the normal at that time is expected to include copious amounts of remote instruction. It’s time to solve the motivation puzzle. You’ll gain the skills you need in this very valuable educator session on hybrid and remote learning.


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