Creating Academic Plans to Support Students in the Midst of Crisis


Not all students have experienced significant learning loss during the COVID crisis; in some cases, students have experienced significant gains. But change has been a constant for all learners during the pandemic. In this educator session on hybrid learning, Jeff McCoy, the Associate Superintendent for Academics at Greenville County Schools explores the importance of creating academic plans to support our students during this period of intense change. According to McCoy, “One of the things we dug into, like many other districts around the country, is we found that a lot of our teachers, when they shifted to online learning, they don't have as much easy access to their students to do a lot of informal observations.

“As a result of that, what we found is in many cases, our teachers’ assignments, what they assigned students, increased up to three and four times what they normally would have assigned. And so in many cases, what we found is that the kids were not so much understanding the content as much as they were just tired of doing the work. It was just overload for them. So, we've worked on remedying that for second quarter and really helping teachers understand how to assess students and really how to get the data you need without overwhelming them with a tremendous amount of work.”

Watch this important session with Jeff McCoy, and learn from the hard-earned success of Greenville County Schools.


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