DC - New Responsibilities for Leaders - Review the EduJedi Digital Learning Experience Standards


Chris McMurray is the Vice President of EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel. As part of that role, McMurray helps to set the tone among the EduJedi – specifically, how do we as school and district leaders live and thrive in the digital world, and how do we understand and accept new responsibilities in this new age.

According to McMurray, “What we're talking about today is really, how do we think about the move beyond basic digital literacy into a digital learning experience? And how does an end user or a learner leverage the design that has been created with and for them, using tools that are now available that weren't available before, because previously it was all relatively clumsy and you were sort of patching things together and used a lot of gum and some duct tape and crossed your fingers that the technology is going to work. But now it's it's pretty seamless, right? The technology is there. It's like air, you don't really think that much about it. And yet, what's evolving as the normal in our new educational system is really requiring some thinking about responsibilities that exist and have evolved as we've brought these things together.

“What I want to do is step back just a bit and lend some context for this, because we're going to look at some experience standards and some standards for administrators, some standards for teachers, some standards for learners, and these are all resident in the EduJedi Dictionary, which you can download.

You’ll enjoy this very important presentation. As a technologist, and particularly, as someone who works with technologists, you’ll gain a much better understanding of the role of technology, and the function of sophistication in technology. If you haven’t already, please download the EduJedi Dictionary and review the digital learning experience standards. It’s what you’ll need to know to leverage technology for your staff and learners.


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