Equitable Grading Practices, Technology and Motivation


According to Ken Greenbaum, Director of Digital and Education Technology at the Oregon Department of Education, “Grading conversations can feel like Groundhog's day; it's one of these conversations I know for myself as a teacher, as a principal, just seeing how grading played out differently for different students and knowing that we have to do something differently. And even after those conversations have continued, grading practices are very much at the forefront of schooling during the public health crisis.

It can feel like Groundhog Day, like we're having this great conversation again and again. These are rightfully challenging conversations that might feel like they're happening over and over. I think there is a collective feeling that this is a moment in education for great change or positive disruption. And I'm hopeful that grading is one of those issues that can be changed for the better.”

In this educator session on equitable grading practices, Greenbaum explores the changes we need to see to make grading and assessment practices more equitable, and the role that technology can (and does) play in this process. Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion.


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