Northeast - Solve Your Top Three Digital Learning Challenges: Access, Engagement, and Rostering


One of the wonderful things about our Lunch and Learn presentations is that it gives the Learning Counsel the opportunity to share products and programs that our schools and districts need to know about. In this special Lunch and Learn presentation, Bob Chappell, VP of Instructional Technology at ClassLink explains some of the benefits during this time of remote and hybrid learning. According to Chappell, “There are certain things that I think we as a company can help with and I'm going to focus in on those. And what has been common is that our clients are those that have come on board and have fared, from their own acknowledgment, better in kind of a blended hybrid or remote learning scenario. And the reason for that is a multitude of things. And it has changed over a period of time.

“ClassLink is a single sign on portal and a rostering tool. We do account generation and then there's data analytics behind the usage. The reason that most of them have said that is that they needed one place to go, no matter what device was being used, where students were, or how they were learning. The common thing that they needed was one place for students and parents and staff to log into where all their digital resources could be made available to them. It's a technology that we're familiar with where things that are relative to you, your applications and learning resources and tools and library resources and learning management systems and everything else is in one place. And you click on it and you get into that learning resource.”

“It's everything from library resources to anything that's web based instructional, your Google suite and districts that have been with us, understand that they begin to push out staff links so that if you're a staffer and principal or somebody that logs in, and you need to look at assessment tools and HR stuff, you have curriculum or tools that are personalized to your productivity as an administrator, as a teacher, as well as all those instructional tools.”

Be sure to check out this video. If your school or district is not already using ClassLink, you’ll want to know more.


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