Oregon - Give Teachers and Administrators the Ability to Track Student Engagement


According to Learning Counsel research, one of the greatest challenges among educators during this time of hybrid and remote learning is the ability to engage learners, and to understand the level of engagement. It is a challenge that threatens to derail the entire learning and teaching process.

Fortunately, help is closer than you may imagine. In this special Lunch and Learn presentation, ClassLink’s Senior Director of Instructional Technology Jeremy Jackson explains. “A lot of times we're in a situation with remote learning where we have little insight into what's going on in the home, what type of learning and engagement is actually going on. If I think of a pilot flying blind, they use instruments to be able to fly the plane because when they get into fog or clouds or storms, they still need to proceed. And we're in one of those storms right now. As educators, we aren't really able to see what's happening. And so, we need some tools and we need to have ways that we can measure engagement with our students. You need to be able to see that your students are online, what resources they're accessing, and how long that they're accessing those different resources.

“Now you can really judge that level of engagement, on the class level, whole school and ultimately on the district level as well,” says Jackson. The technology that is available to track student engagement is amazingly thorough, and surprisingly easy to use. Watch this important Lunch and Learn presentation and give your team the tools they need to finally understand student engagement in remote and hybrid learning.


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