Our Transition to Hybrid Learning


In this Lunch and Learn presentation, you’ll meet Education Consultant Caiti Jones and Field Representative Arthur Nelson from Promethean Learning. According to Jones, “This year has been a time of re-imagining what school looks like for your districts for each individual site and for each individual student. How are they receiving their lessons? What tools do classrooms have to help these students access the curriculum? And how are we going to make this an equitable act for all our students? Every site is different, with what technology is being used and what tools are at your disposal. And really, all that matters is using that technology to reach our students and to help bridge this gap in education right now.

“Take a look at our hybrid learning model that we have been using here at Promethean, using our new panels and using the tools that we have in front of us, whether that is Google Meet or Teams or a different video conferencing platform using our classroom and drive and all of those online cloud-based storage and using the Promethean whiteboard or tools, software, or other software as well to bring all of these things together, to reach our students. We have comprehensive professional development resources for all sites and all schools, whether or not you are a current Promethean user, we have support for you. At this website, Promethean world.com/learn we have online courses focused on hybrid learning and remote learning. We have our class flow free online software that is all web based for students to use or teachers to use. During this time, our arsenal of education consultants like myself, there are over 30 of us nationwide who are all former educators, can assist with any questions, whether or not you are a current Promethean user. We are here to help and support during this transition to hybrid learning. We also offer two days every year of free professional development. Our camp Promethean is coming up in July and our steam forward event happens in November.”

Hear the resources that Promethean Learning is offering your school or district, whether or not you are a current customer. There is a great deal of value here, and well worth a listen.


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