Pennsylvania - Digital Experience Standards: “New Model of Instructional Design and Dictionary Definitions Workshop”


Leading this workshop is Chris McMurray, VP of EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel. In today’s session, you’ll learn different ways to look at your district’s digital resources, with an eye towards getting more from your learning objects and allowing your teachers to do what they do best – be human and relate to your learners. According to McMurray, “We've been at this work for a long time; it's not new, but now we've learned a lot. And what we're going to talk about today is how we now move forward and begin to understand, and to have some knowledge and some facility with the things that we're talking about. So that we can leverage the systems that are available, and leverage the technology because it's rich. We've got more stuff available now than we ever have. And a lot of it is really, really good. And there are specific pieces that you want to use for greatest effect.

“We're going to chat a little bit about four things as you start to move forward in your understanding of building an ecosystem -- leveraging different types of instructional models and dumping out ways of thinking and rebuilding new ones and adding on to successes. When you start into that digital transformation space, you really need to start understanding and identifying digital learning objects. That's a critical component. We're going to talk about the importance of establishing common vocabulary in that work. As you begin to move down the path of inventorying your stuff, what are you looking at, and how are you defining it? Do you have common definitions within your system while you need them? In change management, we have to have common vocabulary. Otherwise, people go off in different directions and we're not on the same page. We're also going to talk about the importance of understanding professional responsibilities as they relate to today to each of the different professional job descriptions within your district. How have those responsibilities changed over the years, and where do the stand today?”

Join McMurray as he explains, when we work our way up the sophistication scale, we give learners more control and buy back more time for our teachers to teach. It’s a fascinating observation and may be the key to a successful digital transition. One thing is certain: you will enjoy this video immensely, and bring back buckets of value for your staff and students.


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