Mission Statement

To help transform and bring order to education systems and infrastructure through sound implementation of digital curriculum strategies, engendering coordination and cooperation between teachers, administrators and publishers; ultimately helping all students everywhere become more engaged in their own learning and knowledge for life success.

The Learning Counsel helps education professionals in the K12 and Higher Ed sectors gain context on the shift to digital curriculum. We are an intermediary between schools and high tech companies, offering unique executive events and publications.

The more than $23 Billion curriculum industry across K12 and Higher Ed is in transition, maneuvering through the intersection of policy, technology leadership, old habits and new enthusiasms.

As the media, we seek to bring perspective and online resources for everyone in the fray, from school seekers-of-resources to industry partners in need of services.

With Knowstory, we are building an agnostic sharing and recommendations platform to help schools with needed discovery and analysis related to digital content and curriculum.

Schools and districts work with the Learning Counsel to help them make the transition to digital curriculum, take inventory, get awareness of new resources, and write their goals and policies.

Based in Sacramento, California, The Learning Counsel has staff and an extended family of contributors across the U.S. and in the Ukraine.

Join us for big things to come!

The Learning Counsel Team:

Leilani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher

Well versed in digital content and curriculum change, the adoption process, successful strategies, and helping schools understand what's available and what will work. Leilani is an author and media personality with a research, marketing and sales background in the high tech, government and education sectors.

Dr. David Kafitz, VP School Relations & Consulting
Expert and charismatic change-agent helping schools move forward with a well-reasoned strategy for digital content and curriculum, professional development and IT strategy. Former Superintendent, Director of Technology Services, Principal, and Teacher in North Carolina Public Schools.

Doug Cauthen, Chief Operating Officer & Editor-in-Chief

With over twenty years of experience in Administrative, Marketing, Publishing, Financial and Operations roles, Doug is an expert in running an organization, helping staff to achieve quality production and keeping organizations solvent. As Chief Operations Officer, Doug’s responsibilities include holding senior duties such as Editor-in-Chief, the daily operation of the company and the achievement of company goals.

Dolly Johnson, Director of Graphic Design

Dolly’s career spans over 40 years and thousands of works. She attended Stanford University and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Her work has been featured in shows and art festivals throughout Northern California and across the country, as well as being in private collections around the world. Her design and creative skill is what you see behind all of our publications and online projects.

Chris Kight, Director of Media Productions

Chris is a very well-known professional photographer and owned/operated the top photography studio in Sacramento from 1983 to 2014. An adjunct Professor of Photography at College for many years, he is sharp with a camera, and has great skills and experience in both photo and video editing.

Kristina Hall, Finance & Sales Operations Manager

Kristina comes from a background in finance, she has 14 years’ experience working in office management in both for-profits and non-profits. She keeps us sane and organized while also dealing with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and also facilitates the sales team, ensuring on time delivery of the Learning Counsel's services. In her spare time, she enjoys competitive horse showing.

Annette Erwin, Director of Business Development

Accomplished business development specialist, Annette’s high energy brings professional efficiency to the Learning Counsel sales and marketing operations. When she’s not assisting education industry partners she’s traveling, golfing, skiing or running after her two children.

Fabio Terzi, Client Services

With over 25 years of experience in customer service and operations, Fabio ensures accurate and prompt delivery of services.

Tiffany Gadison, Delivery Project Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in building client relationships, Tiffany brings expert knowledge in customer service, business planning and training. She has completed an MBA in marketing and focuses on driving business through product value. Her role encompasses client delivery for Learning Counsels continuity of operations, logistics and training.

Daric Aguinaga, Event Promotion Associate

Daric is a hard worker who goes the extra mile. With his foresight, planning, and hard work he ensures the events hosted by the Learning Counsel are a success.

Arica Lockhart, Contact Relations Manager

Arica has been an educator for 15 years in the California Public School system. She has held multiple positions over the years ranging from teacher to vice principal. As an educator, it has always been extremely important for her “to change with the times” and to do what it is in the best interest of all students.

Steve Cauthen, Chief Accounting Officer

Steve has over thirty years’ experience as an independent contractor performing bookkeeping, administrative coordination and income tax preparation for a multitude of clients in many varied industries. This wide range of experience has allowed him exposure to many kinds of scenarios and situations which allows him to provide problem solving ideas and different creative ways of looking at the many varied challenges faced by any company today.

Jeremy Smith, VP Web Development

Web designer and analytics professional with expertise in operations, web front end development, research, and marketing. Jeremy has knowledge and experience for developing and creating online services and applications.

Eric Dent, Director of Systems Development

Eric is a web developer, specializing in backend and database programming, server configuration, and design.

You, Writers, Editors, Researchers

the Learning Counsel is additionally inclusive of expert instructional designers, curriculum managers, writers, editors and researchers that create works and join advisory projects. 

These are published to the growing Learning Counsel community of 215,000 education leaders as well as thousands of publishers and tech industry executives.