Santa Ana USD Redesigns their "System" for Teaching and Learning

Santa Ana USD
Video Interview with School District Executives on Education Shifts
Cebron Walker, Editor

Traditional systems of education are no longer working. Executives in Santa Ana Unified School District have been confronting this head on and are providing innovative solutions for students, parents, teachers and administration.

For the past four years they have invested a lot of resources into their digital and technological infrastructure. Networks, Wi-Fi and devices have been a foundational move to facilitate the changes. Today they are just about 1-to-1 across the district. Now they are working on their courses, curriculum and pedagogy itself.

They realized early on that simply accomplishing "1-to-1" as a goal was not going to make the change in teaching and learning. They started with savvy teacher early adopters and let the changes occur organically, and today they've seen pockets of big success and its growing. Part of their restructuring for digital was the creation of a new department called The 21st Century Learning Department. They also have tech reps in each school to work together and collaborate on tech transformation.

In this interview conducted by the Learning Counsel via video conference you can hear from Daniel Allan, Ed.D. Executive Director of School Renewal and Susie Lopez-Guerro, Ed.D. Director of Community Relations.

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