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Facebook is fine, but education-specific social tools help schools and districts connect to their communities without facing the pitfalls of the wider web
Luvelle Brown, Ed.D., Chris Kennedy & Jessica Meacham
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New guide explains benefits of UDL as a framework for creating learning-driven environments and how districts’ can successfully put theory into practice
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IXL Announces Updates to IXL Analytics, Making Classroom Data Simple and Accessible for Teachers
NJ Innovation Summit 2016
More than 300 attendees shared best practices for transforming education by using mobile devices and digital curriculum
Cebron Walker, Editor-in-Chief
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A total of 192 students competed in the National KidWind Challenge during the 2016 AWEA WINDPOWER 2016 Conference & Exhibition

Guiding Principles Drive a Successful District Realignment

Wayzata Public Schools had uneven growth and a need to make changes. With the right tools, data and approach they effectively and efficiently made changes that garnered school board and community support with a year to implement the recommended changes.

A new study claims that these schools ‘fare worse than traditional schools on state assessments of quality,’ but the study itself is deeply flawed
Don W. Brown, D.Ed.

In his long career working with educational technology, Don W. Brown, D.Ed., has been the Director of Gladstone Center for Children and Families (OR), an assessment specialist for the Oregon Department of Education, and an instructional technologist for Lane Education Service District (OR). He currently helps clients at Odysseyware make the transition to online curriculum.