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Next Level Serious Address of Digital Equity in Education

Most school executives are not aware of a lack of digital equity beyond just making sure students have a computing device. Yet, a second-level inequity of both slow and completely unavailable network access requires a second-level seriousness. This is particularly important as schools unleash digital curriculum and thousands of websites among their students – many creating enormous drag on already slow networks with video streaming.

Find out what education leaders and the industry are doing to solve the next level of equity concerns for all students’ learning – both their efforts and the rewards.

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From Data Dolt to Superhero

Micro-data is an observation data-point collected on an individual subject—a statistical unit, as in one question with answer, one quiz, or one piece of personal identity. Being the modern data superhero is using this small data for personalization.

The problem with introducing this interesting new data management idea is that a lot of school executives and teachers see ever-increasing data collection, and the drive to personalization as a sort of peril. Additionally, personalization ultimately means changing a teacher’s routine to give very focused attention to each student—a burden on top of an already enormous load.

Yet, remaining a data dolt is the equivalent to keeping one’s “head in the sand” on collecting, analyzing and using data, especially without regard to encouraging new tech developments. It’s resistance to an evolution in practice that refines the blunt instrument of human teaching and learning interaction into a masterwork. Small data, not just big trends, is the trick.

In this brief, learn the villainous data issues that keep leaders from getting to real personalization from data collection, and discover five steps to becoming a superhero.

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