The 71 Characteristics of Digital Curriculum Special Report


Students at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, Utah earn Microsoft Office Specialist certifications to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

The Baltimore County Public School implements the STAT (Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow) program to equip students with critical 21st century skills in order to be globally competitive.

Solving Your Student Data Puzzle with Good Analytics for better Administrative Decisions.


There are tens of thousands of options right now with the types of digital “things” of learning – Apps, websites, immersive-environment digital courseware, eBooks, eTextbooks, projectware, PDFs, games and much more. What these are and what is going on inside these things has not been defined. We’ve set out to do that in this Special Report.

Download your issue, and find out about:

•  The 71 characteristics of digital curriculum
•  How we bring digital curriculum to life for every school and student
•  Analytics: another resource in your digital toolkit
•  Dynamic education change from coast-to-coast

Whether you are a district Superintendent, private school principal, teacher, parent or publisher, this special report has something to do with you.