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Coming soon in 2017 will be our next special report on “Digital Transition Sustainability”
– A compendium of successful tactics to remain sustainable as you shift to digital – including how to pay for it!

Discernment between curriculum materials has always been the job of educators. Today it is important to discern whether digital learning objects are granular or systematized. Where are they on a scale of curated free document-type lesson plans and home-built learning objects via build-curriculum-yourself customization software (authorware) versus professionally coded courseware? We must answer if either approach has all the elements of rigor.

In this Special Report we delve deeper into how to think about digital resources and how leaders and teachers alike can create a method to evaluate all their options.

In this issue:

  • Evaluating Digital Curriculum as We Speed Beyond Strategy and Into Tactics
  • The Digital Curriculum Evaluation Matrix
  • Beyond the Buzzwords: Defining Effective Classroom Transformation
  • How to Make “Life-Ready” Graduates
  • On the Road: Fall Tactics Events

Download the Special Report and join us for a deep dive into the digital curriculum shift, how to chart your path and views of success across the country.

A rapid digital transition is underway, and at the heart of that is a multiplicity of new software which itself is causing dramatic shifts in how we teach and learn. What’s inside sophisticated software systems today changes the function of teacher-student interactions as well as the spaces themselves.

Leaders are questioning the status quo and developing effective paths to transform. Successful patterns and programs are emerging. The Learning Counsel has talked to hundreds of leaders and looked at exceptional districts and schools to see what they are doing differently.

In this issue:

  • The Classroom Remodeling Mission
  • Exploring Space: The Final Frontier
  • Layout Options for the Remodel
  • Spotlights on Successful Transformation
  • Remodeling Nationwide

Join us for a review of the shift to a new model. Download your copy for FREE today.

There are tens of thousands of options right now with the types of digital “things” of learning – Apps, websites, immersive-environment digital courseware, eBooks, eTextbooks, projectware, PDFs, games and much more. What these are and what is going on inside these things has not been defined. We’ve set out to do that in this Special Report.

Download your issue, and find out about:

•  The 71 characteristics of digital curriculum
•  How we bring digital curriculum to life for every school and student
•  Analytics: another resource in your digital toolkit
•  Dynamic education change from coast-to-coast

Whether you are a district Superintendent, private school principal, teacher, parent or publisher, this special report has something to do with you.

The idea for a Digital Curriculum Transition Strategy Model Architecture came about organically, springing to life from dozens of events, surveys of executives and publishers. What we learned is the urgent need for coherent direction in this chaos of change we are all in the middle of.

• What is a "Model Architecture" for transitioning to digital curriculum?
• What are other schools doing?
• How do we create the best digital learning environment?

This Special Report brings together knowledge gained over the last year, plus showcases some of the more advanced schools in the U.S. We reviewed what is being done to bring order to the mass of potential learning objects and tactics.