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Here are some of the benefits during this time of remote and hybrid learning

This local panel of educators features the region’s (and often the nation’s) brightest and best education minds

Tech can either simplify a situation or make it more complex. The decisions invariably lay in the hands of someone like Ashley Weaver, Instructional Technology Coach at Kearney School District

This is for every educator, whether you are a superintendent, a curriculum director, a technology director or a teacher

Don’t miss a moment of this fascinating and far-reaching discussion, from hardware to educational philosophy, you’ll learn a great deal that you can bring back to your learners at home

Watch the video and explore both the curriculum and technology sides of the house. And see how Belton plans to maximize their CARES Act grant and COVID Relief funds from the county

Schools are rethinking everything, especially the way they now use time and space. Smart educators are finding better ways to accomplish learning within the school day.

In remote and hybrid learning, one of the hardest things to do is to know how and when students are engaging with learning resources. ClassLink solves that challenge and adds an incredible layer of convenience and security as well.

You can learn a lot from your mistakes. In this hybrid learning discussion, you’ll learn about the mistakes one district made, and the wonderful lessons learned.

Kansas City Public Schools brings you their mission, to empower educators to deliver high quality instruction by fostering a technology-rich environment in which students can develop 21st Century Skills.