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How should we be thinking about data during this time of crisis, and how can data inform learning that is happening right now?

A new model of education, post pandemic and for the mid-21st century and beyond, requires more than simply moving learning to a remote and/or hybrid model. It requires a new way to think about education, in essence, a re-ordering of space and time in a way that has not been previously been done

"Every site is different, with what technology is being used and what tools are at your disposal. And really, all that matters is using that technology to reach our students and to help bridge this gap in education right now"

One of the greatest challenges among educators during this time of hybrid/remote learning is the ability to engage learners, and to understand the level of engagement

The concepts that Mountain House High School are using may be a glimpse into the future of public education. It’s a redesign of time and space, and the students are thriving.

We need to have a deep understanding of the building blocks, the things that we're going to use in order to build an experience.

This is a fascinating look at school technology now and in the future that will ease the burden on teachers and create a pathway to real personalized learning.

This is truly a no-holds-barred discussion, and the good ideas are flowing freely. Be prepared, because the great ideas come fast and never stop. There is so much to learn here, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can take home and use immediately to help your learners in their own journeys.

Many of the things that Dr. Nemko discusses are simple, yet simply genius. Because what is genius after all? Genius is the unique ability to see the obvious.

Hear what San Juan Unified School District ultimately learned about student motivation, and how they were able to engage students and create an optimum learning environment. This is great information you can use in your own school or district immediately to make a great impact.