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The business of verifying lifelong learning is changing. As a student (or lifelong learner), how do you present and verify what you have learned? The days of requesting a paper transcript are long past. In today’s world, it is important to be able to present, digitally, a more complete presentation of what you have learned, and what your skills are above and beyond the grades you earned in high school.

Don’t miss this look at the future of the Comprehensive Learner Record, being built today in North Dakota.

Here in the Great Northwest of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, populations may be sparse but academic talent abounds. This discussion is all about methods for success, and these three administrators keep the ideas coming fast and furious(ly). If you only watch one video, this is the one. It is chock full of great solutions. (But since you’re watching, watch them all. Your students [and their parents] will thank you for it).

With the challenges of online and hybrid learning, every school and district needs the single sign-on ease and security capabilities of ClassLink. And measuring engagement is crucial. Without the proper analytic tools to understand what your students are doing, your teachers are flying blind.

Engaging virtual learners is much more challenging than engaging students in your classroom. In fact, Learning Counsel research gleaned from the 2020 Digital Transition Survey completed in Late October indicates that online engagement is the most arduous challenge faced by teachers in remote and hybrid learning models. Fortunately, the gang from Laramie High School is here to share their tips, tricks and secrets to engaging their students virtually.

There's a whole thing about how tech motivates that if you just sort of opened your eyes and you start looking at the software you're using, you'll understand. The appeal to the mind of the student to navigate and be involved has a lot of variation based on age and also motivation.

You’ll want to watch every minute of this powerful presentation, as Diffenbaugh takes you through the LEARNER acronym. Listen, Empower, Analyze, Resources, Needs and Relationships. It’s a different world, and you’ll need every inch of knowledge you can get for yourself and your students. Enjoy!

“'I’m going to walk you through what we mean by hybrid logistics. This is like the intellectual forefront of what's happening right now in schools across America.” 

Hear about strategies to lessen the degree of difficulty in your most stringent challenges, and great ideas to alleviate many of your challenges altogether

Don’t miss this very entertaining and enlightening educator discussion and get ready for even more rapid changes in your own school or district

Don’t miss this high-powered discussion by the Learning Counsel’s VP of Leadership, Chris McMurray