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See how Central Buck’s sophisticated transformation is really the heart of simplicity – and something your district can follow immediately to increase your effectiveness and help you find real equity for your learners

In this Local Panel of Administrators discussion, these local administrators happen to be among the best educational minds in America

"I have to rethink how I teach. I have to rethink how I learn. That's a good thing because we need these new ideas and we need to challenge each other"

"If we're going to use technology, we want to be purposeful. We want it to have an impact. And at the end of the day, it's all about building relationships and trust because nothing happens, especially change, without having those relationships"

"Years from now, when we look back at this time, we will recognize it as the period in public education when everything changed"

ClassLink is where teachers and students go for everything. Kids can log in with the quick cards as well

"We are very hands-on in regards to how our students learn, and that had a deep impact when we went into 100% virtual"

Hear what these Panelis have to say about the Model that they are using in their distirct and the success they are having with their staff and students.


Success and innovation at Warroad is a very hands-on affair. Warroad has plenty of both – innovation and success, and they are known nationwide for their innovative approach to digital learning.

We can say this past year was a year of lessons, often taught in rapid succession, and these lessons helped to innovate learning and create an improved learning environment for both teacher and student.