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You’ll want to tune in to this lively, no-holds barred discussion. In typical ‘Local Panel of Administrators style,’ you’ll hear the smartest minds in education tackle some of the toughest issues.  In this Colorado edition, we feature John Ahrens, Director of the Board of Education at St. Vrain Valley Schools and Dan Morris, Executive Director at Colorado Digital Learning Solutions.

Find out how you can understand the characteristics of your digital resources and reclaim teacher time, creating the best possible learning scenario for your students.

“Smarty Ants is our foundational literacy product for pre-K through second grade. It's gamified, it's adaptive learning. It's fun. It's motivating for kids who are in that foundational literacy area."

Don’t miss the fascinating look at building an integrated digital learning solution.

Join us for this frank and often revealing inside look at the thinking behind the digital transition at Denver Public Schools, arguably one of the top districts in the United States.

In our national survey, 27,000 respondents said that motivation is their number one issue. How do you motivate kids in this environment? How do you get them to be really excited about their learning when we're living in sort of a pandemic time?

Imagine everything is on the table. How would you build your dream eLearning School? ? Watch this illuminating discussion with David Jarobe and see what great ideas you can take back to your own school or district.

In the future of education, everything will be changed. The way we think of time and space will be altered, and teachers will be an important resource, but used just in time

Find out about the future of digital credentials in education and learn about the power in your own personal identity. It’s the future, and Randa Solutions is making it happen today.

Keeping up with student engagement has proven to be one of the most challenging aspects of remote and hybrid learning